Jaymie has written and performed over 200 original songs. Many of these are available in ten albums (see below). Her music will be available soon in her Store and on iTunes.

We also have a selection of songs you can play right from this page using the player below (requires Flash).  Also check out the Free download!




BaF-Tunecore copyBetter A Fool!

Celebrating the Spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi




CoW-Tunecore copyCloud of Witnesses
Songs and Stories of the Saints
Double CD with Song and Spoken Reflections







Crib, Cross, and Crown

Moments with Jesus and Mary




DR-TuneCore copy

Damascus Road

A Pilgrimage with Saint Paul in Word and Song
Double CD with Song and Spoken Reflection




Fish-TuneCore copy

The Fisherman
Remembering Saint Peter
Double-length album





Ft-TuneCore copy



Walking With Jesus




HLaM-TuneCore copy

He Looked At Me

Reflections on Mary and the Word-Made-Flesh





OtD-TuneCore copy

Open The Door

Letting God In







Encountering the Holy Spirit





TTtSMH-TuneCore copy

The Three That Seek My Heart

Songs from the Irish Soul